“Leaders don't venture without vision. They don't pray without plans. They don't climb without clues. They are always prepared.”

― Israelmore Ayivor


Get in touch with us to learn more about what to bring.


Weather conditions can make chains on-board a requirement on Hwy. #38.  For updates on local weather and road conditions, feel free to use these resources as a reference.
  • Getting off the bus


Welcome! Glad you made it safely. Upon arriving, drive to the designated parking lot and back your vehicle in.  You will be greeted by the retreat host who will provide further direction to your lodge.  Cabins will be unlocked after the entire group arrives and listens to the retreat orientation.


We understand that travelling can bring unexpected challenges.  Our meal service is available until 8:00 pm on your arrival day.  Please plan on eating dinner on your own if you can not make it by then.  Alternatively, if you stay in touch with your group leader, we can potentially have food that you can warm up in your lodge.

We Will Miss You!

We are happy we got to host your retreat! Prior to your departure we will check local road conditions for you so you can plan appropriately. Our camp host will complete a cabin walk through with you and collect any items that have checked out during your stay.


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