“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Traditional Dining Experience

Our executive chef and his talented team are dedicated to preparing delicious meals using the finest ingredients available. To serve groups of all backgrounds, our kitchen has been modified to prepare and serve kosher meals. With advanced notice, our chef will be happy to accommodate your special dietary needs.
In our main dining hall, coffee, tea and fresh fruit will be available throughout your stay.

Exclusive Group Dining

Groups who book exclusive rights to our camp facility will have the benefit of working directly with our Executive Chef to plan the perfect menu for their retreat.  Together you will tailor your menu to fit the festivities of the day! 

Special Additions

Make your event stand out, no matter the size of your group.  Welcome your group with a fruit and cheese platter or spoil them with a fresh baked dessert tray during your evening program.  Looking for something more involved?... how about building ice cream sundaes or making smore’s by a campfire under the stars?

Outdoor dining

Connect with our team and discuss your culinary ambitions - taking advantage of outdoor dining opportunities where your party can enjoy the shared experience of cooking beneath a covered tent.




Sweet-Cream pancakes
Plant-based sausage
Scrambled eggs
Cereal Bar & Milk (Dairy-free options available)
Fruit & Yogurt


Pasta marinara
Macaroni & Cheese
Garlic Bread
Steamed Italian Vegetable Medley
Salad Bar


Oven roasted herb chicken
Steamed broccoli
French dinner rolls
Salad bar
Hot Apple Crumble
Allergies and Special Diets
Bacon ipsum dolor amet turkey andouille chislic ham hock. Sirloin fatback pastrami pork belly picanha turkey leberkas capicola. Hamburger pastrami cupim short loin tail, alcatra meatball biltong strip steak shankle picanha pork belly pancetta. Meatball strip steak jerky beef porchetta, kevin pig pancetta shank frankfurter chislic rump bresaola hamburger. Swine salami pancetta pork loin shankle rump.

Ham porchetta shoulder swine, chuck pancetta short ribs t-bone chislic salami andouille ham hock hamburger tail capicola. Kielbasa swine strip steak, spare ribs turkey tenderloin prosciutto meatloaf leberkas t-bone sirloin buffalo. Short ribs tenderloin bresaola, venison corned beef boudin ribeye flank drumstick beef. Sausage pork loin meatball, flank swine alcatra short loin brisket pastrami pig bacon t-bone filet mignon.


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